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Renew Your Coverage


Renew Your Free or Low-Cost Washington Apple Health Coverage Year-Round 

Washington Apple Health renewal occurs all year-round. You can expect to get a letter about your annual renewal with important deadline information. 

If you have Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), learn more about your renewal process.

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The Renewal Period for 2020 Qualified Health Plan Coverage has Ended

You may still qualify for a special enrollment period or Washington Apple Health if you have certain life changes. 

See if You Qualify for Special Enrollment Period


Here are Important Factors to Consider When Renewing

Cost: If you want to make sure you have the best priced plan in your area, you might want to shop for new coverage options on Washington Healthplanfinder. New plan options mean new, lower prices.

Coverage: If you want to take advantage of new benefit packages, or adjust the benefits you have now, you might want to check out new coverage options in your area. More health plans available means more options to choose from to find coverage that suits your needs. This includes checking whether a health care provider or clinic that you visit frequently is covered.

Convenience: If you are happy with your current plan, your plan (or a plan very similar) is offered next year, and your renewal letter says you are eligible to automatically renew your coverage, then you’re done! Just keep paying your monthly premiums and you will auto-renew for coverage that begins January 1st.


Has Anything Changed Since Last Year?
Report a change if anything in your household has changed. This includes such things as: number of household members applying for coverage, income change, pregnancy, etc.

Learn more about Reporting a Change


Shop and Compare Plans
Next, search for a plan that fits your budget and needs.

  • User “Smart Planfinder” to search for plans where your doctor and/or facility is in-network. Also to verify that your prescriptions are covered by the coverage option.
  • Customize your search by filtering plans by premium, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, insurance company, metal level, and more.
  • Compare up to 3 plans at once.
  • Confirm your plan
  • Pay your first bill


You're Covered!
Once you’ve finalized your plan and paid your first bill, you’ll get information from your insurance company about your new coverage. Find out how to pay your insurance company.

Learn Insurance Basics Before You Start

Renew Your Coverage In-Person

Get in-person help renewing from a Navigator or Broker.

Navigators are trained to help you complete an application and answer any questions as you enroll. You can get help in-person and over-the-phone from a Navigator.

Find a Navigator Near You

Registered brokers are licensed professionals that often live in and support their local communities. Brokers can help you fill out the application and can recommend a plan for you. Brokers may charge a small fee, unless they help you enroll into a Washington Apple Health plan.

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Renew Your Coverage through the WAPlanfinder App

Download our mobile app, WAPlanfinder, and renew directly from your phone.

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Renew Your Coverage Over-the-Phone

Contact customer support toll-free at 1-855-923-4633
TTY/TDD 1-855-627-9604