We look different. There’s a reason for that. | Washington Healthplanfinder

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We look different. There’s a reason for that.


You may notice changes to the look and feel of Washington Healthplanfinder after logging in, browsing for plans, or renewing your coverage. We hope you like them. They were made with you in mind.

Healthplanfinder get a new look and feel across all devices

How will these updates change the way you use Washington Healthplanfinder? Great question. Here’s a deeper dive into what’s different.

A more seamless experience.

Managing your coverage is more consistent than ever. Mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers – the look and feel of Washington Healthplanfinder will now be the same, even when you change devices. No matter how you choose to view your account, you can now count on more continuity.

A modernized look modeled after industry leaders.

Touchpoints you count on when visiting your favorite online destinations have been weaved into Washington Healthplanfinder. The updated way you access your account, find answers to important questions or ultimately connect with coverage now matches the interactions you have with other shopping websites. 

You have standards when you shop online. Our new look brings us closer to meeting those expectations.

A small peek at a bigger picture you’re helping to create.

Since Washington Healthplanfinder first went live more than six years ago, we’ve been listening. The feedback we heard through the many conversations and comments you’ve shared with us have been both passionate and impactful. They led us to our new homepage and they now serve as the foundation of our ongoing effort to make all of Washington Healthplanfinder simpler and more consistent.

But we still need your help. Your thoughts on this latest round of updates as well as other aspects of Washington Healthplanfinder are being used to steer us toward bigger and better improvements. So, as you navigate through Washington Healthplanfinder, keep the comments coming.

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