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Looking for Your 1095 Tax Form?

Customers enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan will receive a 1095-A tax form by early February. If you were enrolled in more than one plan during the year, you’ll get a 1095-A for each plan. Customers enrolled in a catastrophic health plan will not receive a 1095-A. If you or a household member used tax credits, you must file a federal income tax return.

You can view or print a digital copy of your 1095-A by signing in to your account and going to your Message Center. Or, download the WAPlanfinder mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play.

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Mail notifications: You will only receive a paper copy of your 1095-A in the mail from Washington Healthplanfinder if you have signed up for mail notification through your account.

Trouble viewing online: If you’re having trouble viewing your Washington Healthplanfinder messages, including your 1095-A, try updating your internet browser or using a different browser (for example, Chrome).

View Your 1095-A Tax Form


Customers enrolled in free or low-cost Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage for one or more months of the last tax year will receive an IRS tax form 1095-B from Washington State Health Care Authority. The form is not available in your Message Center on Washington Healthplanfinder. If you lost or did not receive your form, you can request your form online or call The Health Care Authority at 1-800-562-3022. 

Request Your 1095-B

More Information on 1095-B Tax Form


Tax Preparation Resources  


The IRS provides free software and forms for individuals to complete and submit their federal income tax returns.

  • If your income was less than $64,000, you can use Free File, an online tax preparation software.
  • If your income was more than $64,000, you can use Free File Fillable Forms, electronic versions of the paper forms.

IRS Resources

Tax Preparation Help

If you’re looking for tax preparation help or you want to check the credentials of someone you’re working with, the IRS provides a
tax professional directory.



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Get In-Person Help

Get in-person help from a Navigator or Broker.

Navigators are trained to help you complete an application and answer any questions as you enroll. You can get help in-person and over-the-phone from a Navigator.

Find a Navigator Near You

Registered brokers are licensed professionals that often live in and support their local communities. Brokers can help you fill out the application and can recommend a plan for you. Brokers may charge a small fee, unless they help you enroll into a Washington Apple Health plan.

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Over-the-Phone Help

Contact customer support toll-free at 1-855-923-4633
TTY/TDD 1-855-627-9604



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